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3DFenix is a multidisciplinary work team of professionals of Visual Arts, Photography, 3d Computer Graphics, Programmers and technicals, based in Argentina; and all of them are open source users, focused on acieving high quality images, wich let the architect or industrial designer to communicate to their customers a finished idea, artistically represented and with photorealism and located in Argentina.
  • Three-dimensional representations of architectural and industrial models.
  • Photorealistic images models, at a high resolution.

Step 1: Delivery of material and making the budget.
It includes the planes (dxf format v. 2000 preferably), pictures, descriptions, and all materials which contribute to the best representation of the idea. It is needed to emphasize that when higher the details are, the earlier the work can be finished. With this information, a budget is made. Once approved, is required to pay 50% in order to begin the work.

Step 2: Modeling stage.
In this stage, we will make a model in grayscale (it doesn't include lighting, colors or textures). The target is to present the basic structure of the project, and the position of the camera view. Some pictures representing the outline of the project, will be shown in Internet (with low resolution and watemark), so the customer can appreciate the fidelity between the model and planes. Once this stage is approved, is closed and the following stage will begun.

Step 3: Lighting, color and materials stage.
At this stage, the lighting will be included and the materials will be created and applied. Also in this stage, some pictures representing the outline will be shown in Internet (with low resolution and watemark), including materials and lighting. Once approved and finished, this stage is closed and the next is following. The reason for close the stage is because this kind of project is very labour-intensive. If a modelling change is made at this stage, it will mean to open again the modelling stage, to apply again the materials, and this will result in a delay on finishing the work and more money added. That's why a thorough review is required in each stage before closing it.

Step 4: Final render and post production.
Once approved the lighting and materials stage, the final render stage begin. Here, the final image file is made, with the size needed for print, and some 2D elements which doesn't require 3D modelling are added. Example: people and trees. All theses stages takes long time of process; because of that is very important be sure before to approve each stage. With the last payment, the final picture file is available for online download.

 Portfolio 1: Infographics, Interior & Stand Design
 Portfolio 2: Illustration & Product Design
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